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Private Label Solution: 2 universal filling lines for professional hair care producers

40 different bottle shapes and sizes. Substances with different densities and viscosity: Body lotions, shampoos and conditioners, opakowania_mag_4and products containing active ingredients such as Hydrogen Peroxide (solution 3%).

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  a German private-label producer and packager for the cosmetic market:

  • Professional level hair care products (shampoos, hair dyes and colors, conditioners, supplements, waxes, etc.)  custom labeled for hair salons
  • Product type: body care (creams and body balms, gel body washes, and soaps)


Check out the videos for the 2 lines that we designed for this client:

Read about the issues the client presented to us and how we helped him with our custom solution.

Watch a movie
Watch a movie

Product overview:

Very large variety of products (Private Label producer):

 – 40 different bottle shapes and sizes

– Substances with different densities and viscosity: Body lotions, shampoos and conditioners,
and products containing active ingredients such as Hydrogen Peroxide (solution 3%)


– Bottle capacity from 25 ml to 1000 ml

– Viscosity: up to 10 000 cP (for liquids) and up to 30 000 cP (for creams)

– low production batches – in the case of creams – 600-800 pieces per batch



Low economy of production:

  • 20 lines using old technology, adapted to work long series on one package and product
    • Each production line worked 2-3 days, packaging only 1-2 products, generating tremendous production costs and labor.
    • A large workforce was required to man the line – and workers were poorly trained which posed the risk of an accident and manufacturing of unsatisfactory products.
    • Time was wasted during line change over and preparation (2.5 hours of changeover for 30 min production of one short batch series)
    • High cost of upkeep and production as well as waste of space with numerous machines: the old lines occupied the majority of the warehouse.


Washing and rinsing of system:

  • The old production lines required extensive cleaning. In particular the dosing system required extensive maintenance as well as complete piston disassembly, washing, and reassembly when dosing a new product. This created a very time consuming and inefficient changeover.


Unilogo’s Solution:

  • Centralized production: We custom developed two dosing lines utilizing the COSMOLINE 40, which were capable of serving all of the clients containers and products rendering his previous production lines obsolete.
  • Universal – perfect for private-label production:
    • Ideal for short batch production – fast and easy changeover to another product
    • capable of filling, capping and labeling EVERY product:
      –  format pucks allow for any bottle shape or size
      – capable of dosing any type of product: from creams (with viscosity of 30 000 cP) to watery substances (10 000 cP) and even foamy  and active solutions (previously mentioned Hydrogen Peroxide solution 3%)
  • Capable of cleaning and rinsing without interrupting production:
  • In the case of filling creams – we developed an external and mobile container that was quick and easy to disconnect, and send to cleaning, while quickly being replaced by a second mobile container, filled with the next product to be dosed.
  • In the case of filling liquids – we utilized a filling and cleaning cycle. This ensured constant uninterrupted production – 3 nozzles dose a product, while 3 nozzles are cleaning. This design allows production to continue.
  • Quick and easy changeover of the line:
  • Lower production cost: time and labor required from technical personnel.
  • Lowered risk of accidents – production is automated and requires little training while line changeover is easy and intuitive.

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