Perfumline 50


Perfumline 50

Filling and capping machine for perfumes

A multi-function device for filling and capping perfume bottles.  The machine may be used in a more universal manner and dose other products of low viscosity or low/non-foaming ones with an alcohol base, like toners or aftershaves.  Package capacity range: from 50 to 500 ml.

The main features and advantages:

  • Designed to work with perfumes:
    • filling to prevent spilling of perfumes
    • identical level of liquid at all times
  • Package capacity range: up to 250 ml, both glass and plastic.
  • Each closure type: micro-sprays, flip-tops, etc.
  • Clamping of atomizers
  • Universal and comprehensive application: perfumes, after shaves, toners, lotions, etc.
  • Fast changeover: adjusted format slots for any bottle shape.
  • Productivity: ~ 40 pcs. /min.


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The machine has been designed to work with various package shapes (up to 500 ml) – its pucks system allows for quick changeovers of the packaging process into another package/product. Production is backed up by two capping heads: Z2 and Z5 (pumps, sprays, standard caps) and an optional press actuator (flip-top closures).  When working with products such as perfumes, the line is equipped with a clamping station to cap the perfume bottles.  Once capped, the packages undergo a “cap presence” verification process and are automatically unloaded from the pucks and repositioned into the exit conveyor (additionally equipped with a product rejection system).


With the use of mass and electromagnetic flow-meters or a volumetric doser (fixed amounts/volumes are set and are dosed mechanically).  The dosing system fills the packages to the same level at all times in not necessarily even portions, e.g. for a 100 ml package four identical doses of 25 ml may be set, or two 40 ml doses plus a 20 ml with the last dose for foam removal.


The perfume bottles capping machine is equipped with two clamping stations: preliminary clamping (straightening and inserting the dosing pipe onto the bottle) and the main clamping (aluminum spray is clamped around the bottle neck).


For each type of a closure: sprays, triggers, standard caps and many others.

Z5 capping – automatic four roll preliminary capping head caps placed manually (pumps, sprays, triggers, etc.).
Z2 capping (pick & place type) – servo-driven automatic capping head (with gripper).  Precise setting and adjustment of torque; possibility to cap with back-turn.  Tool-free exchange of the head format depending on a cap type and package.


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Adam Dybaś

Sales Manager
Informujemy o realizacji projektu pt. „Zrobotyzowana uniwersalna linia technologiczna do konfekcjonowania produktów branż: kosmetycznej, farmaceutycznej i chemicznej” współfinansowanego ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Poddziałania 1.1.2. „Prace B+R związane z wytworzeniem instalacji pilotażowej/demonstracyjnej”, Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020.

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