Semi-automated pressure filling machine

The DC filling machine is an easy-to-operate and efficient device dedicated to fill thin liquids of medium viscosity (up to 800 cP), as well as foaming ones, e.g. household chemistry products.

The main features and advantages:

  • Universal application – an ideal machine for short production batches.
  • Competitive price and fast return on investment.
  • High efficiency filling for rare liquids of medium viscosity up to 800 cP, as well as highly foaming ones.
  • Filling productivity: > 1500 pcs./h – depending on capacity and liquid foaming.
  • Package filling: from 100 ml to 20 L
  • Exchangeable heads adjusted to package aperture
  • Work with various shapes and package materials:
    • glass, PET, polypropylene bottles, canisters,
    • flat packages or round bottles.
  • All components which contact the filled medium are made of stainless steel AISI 316.
  • Fast and easy filler cleaning.


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Filling is dosed onto a level set in the package.  The device works with packages of various types: glass, PET, polypropylene bottles, canisters, flat and round packages.  Thanks to the application of centring format pucks, the filling machine also fills atypical packages like cone-capped toilet cleaners.
For flat and elliptic packages, special profile molds are used to prevent them from warping due to pressure acting on them.

Available filling range:

Amount of a dose filled is set manually.  The dosing device fills packages up to the level set beforehand with 1 mm accuracy.  Minimum dose for machines of this type is 100 ml, maximum – 20 l.  Possible filling levels, measured from the upper package edge, depend on the pressure head diameter:

  • 10–85 mm for GC-16
  • 10–90 mm for GC-20
  • 10–100 mm for GC-25

GC pressure head

Two or four exchangeable heads in standard.  Higher filler diameter stands for higher dosing efficiency.  The filler diameter should fit the package neck and is adjusted accordingly.  If packages of various package neck diameters are to be filled, the purchase of an extra set of exchangeable heads is recommended.

Additional equipment

A centrifugal pump is used as standard.  A membrane pneumatic pump with pump and EX product sensors may be used alternatively.



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